Creating a report using the Composite presentation style

To create a report using the Composite presentation style:

Working with composite reports

Many of the options available for working with reports, such as Rows>Filter, Rows>Import, and Rows>Sort, are disabled for a composite report. If you want to use any of these options, you need to access the nested report(s), where these options are available.

  1. Select File>New from the menu bar.

    The New Report dialog box displays.

  2. Choose the Object tab page and the Composite presentation style, and click OK.

    The wizard displays all reports (DataWindow objects) that are in the current library.

  3. Click the reports you want to include in the composite report and then click Next.

    The wizard lists your choices.

  4. Click Finish.

    InfoMaker places boxes for the selected reports in the Design view. In this example, you see three reports:

  5. Select File>Save from the menu bar and assign a name to the composite report.

  6. Look at the Preview view of the report:

  7. Continue to enhance the composite report (for example, add a date and title).