Calculates the average of the values returned by an expression in the values list of the crosstab and returns a result with the decimal datatype. When the crosstab definition has more than one column, CrosstabAvgDec can also calculate averages of the expression's values for groups of column values.

For crosstabs only

You can use this function only in a crosstab report.


CrosstabAvgDec ( n {, column, groupvalue } )




The number of the crosstab-values expression for which you want the average of the returned values. The crosstab expression must be numeric.

column (optional)

The number of the crosstab column as it is listed in the Columns box of the Crosstab Definition dialog box for which you want intermediate calculations.

groupvalue (optional)

A string whose value controls the grouping for the calculation. Groupvalue is usually a value from another column in the crosstab. To specify the current column value in a dynamic crosstab, rather than a specific value, specify @ plus the column name as a quoted string.

Return value

Decimal. Returns the average of the crosstab values returned by expression n for all the column values or, optionally, for a subset of column values.


Use this function instead of CrosstabAvg when you want to return a decimal datatype instead of a double datatype. For more information, see CrosstabAvg.

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