Highlighting information in a form

Every control in a form has a set of properties that determine basically what the control looks like and where it is located. For example, the values in a column of data display in a particular font and color, in a particular location, with or without a border, and so on.

This chapter thus far has described how you modify various properties of controls in the Layout view. These modifications are static. They do not change when you run the form.

In contrast, you can also tell InfoMaker to modify some of these properties when you run the form based on conditions you specify. These modifications are dynamic. They are based on information available only when you run the form.

For example, you can tell InfoMaker to show salaries greater than $30,000 in red. When you run the form, salaries greater than $30,000 display in red. When you enter new salary data in the form, a salary greater than $30,000 displays in red after you enter the salary and then move the pointer to or tab to another column of data.

You modify properties based on conditions you specify by entering an expression in the Properties view for the control. In this example, the expression for the salary column's color property is:

if( employee_salary > 30000, 255, 0 )

For more information

For information on modifying properties based on conditions you specify, see Highlighting Information in Reports and Forms The technique works the same way in forms and reports.