Obtains the display value in the code table associated with the data value in the specified column.


LookUpDisplay ( column )




The column for which you want the code table display value

Return value

String. Returns the display value when it succeeds and the empty string ("") if an error occurs.


If a column has a code table, a buffer stores a value from the data column of the code table, but the user sees a value from the display column. Use LookUpDisplay to get the value the user sees.

Code tables and data values and graphs

When a column that is displayed in a graph has a code table, the graph displays the data values of the code table by default. To display the display values, call this function when you define the graph data.


This expression returns the display value for the column unit_measure:


Assume the column product_type has a code table and you want to use it as a category for a graph. To display the product type descriptions instead of the data values in the categories, enter this expression in the Category option on the Data page in the graph's property sheet: