Working with tools

InfoMaker provides you with tools to help you with your work.

Opening a tool

There are several ways to open tools.

To open a tool:

  • Click a button in the PowerBar for the tool you want, or select the tool from the Tools menu.

    You can also open a tool by clicking the New button in the PowerBar, and then, in the New dialog box's Tool tab page, selecting the Library painter or the file editor.

Tool summary

The following table summarizes the tools available in the PowerBar.


What you use the tool for

To-Do List

Keep track of object creation tasks and create links to quickly get you to the place where you need to complete the tasks. For information, see Using the To-Do List.

Library painter

Manage libraries and create executable versions of reports, forms, and pipelines.

Database profile

Define and use named sets of parameters to connect to a particular database. For information, see Connecting to Your Database.

Query governor (available by customizing the PowerBar)

Set data selection and retrieval preferences. For information, see Using the Query Governor.