Rich text editors

You can select from the two rich text editors supported by Appeon InfoMaker. The selected rich text editor will be applicable to the RichText report.

  • Built-in TX Text Control

    Starting from InfoMaker 2019 R2, a special OEM version of TX Text Control ActiveX X15 is added as a built-in rich text editor in InfoMaker, and it is provided at no cost and is highly recommended to be used for backwards compatibility reasons by all existing InfoMaker projects that already make use of the rich text edit of SAP InfoMaker version 12.6 or older.

  • Built-in Rich Edit Control (TE Edit Control)

    Starting from InfoMaker 2017, TE Edit Control is provided as a built-in rich text editor for free use by the InfoMaker developer. This editor provides slightly different functions/events/properties from the TX Text Control.

To select a rich text editor:

  1. Select Tools>Library Painter from the menu bar.

  2. Select Library>Options from the menu bar.

  3. In the RichTextEdit tab page of the Library Options dialog box, select Built-in TX Text Control or Built-in Rich Edit Control as the rich text editor .

  4. Click OK.