Using the file editor

InfoMaker provides a text editor that is always available. Using the editor, you can view and modify text files (such as initialization files and tab-separated files with data) without leaving InfoMaker.

To open the file editor:

Adding an Edit button

You can add an Edit button to the PowerBar. The button is available from the PowerBar palette. For more information, see Customizing toolbars.

  1. Press Shift+F6 anywhere in InfoMaker.

  2. Select File>Open File or click the Open icon (an open folder) on the Painter bar to open the file you want to edit.

Setting file editing properties

The file editor has font properties and an indentation property that you can change to make files easier to read. If you do not change any properties, files have black text on a white background and a tab stop setting of 3 for indentation.

To specify File Editor properties:

  1. Select Design>Options to display the property page.

  2. Choose the tab appropriate to the property you want to specify.

Editor properties apply elsewhere

When you set properties for the file editor, the settings also apply to the Interactive SQL view in the Database painter.

Editing activities

The file editor provides a full set of basic editing facilities including:

  • Opening, saving, and printing files

  • Cutting, copying, pasting, and clearing selected text

  • Finding and replacing text

  • Undoing changes

  • Commenting and uncommenting lines

  • Importing and exporting text files

  • Dragging and dropping text

Using the file editor's PainterBar and menu bar

The file editor has a PainterBar that provides a shortcut for performing frequently used activities. There is also a corresponding menu item (and often a shortcut key) for each activity.

To see the shortcut keys, select Tools>Keyboard Shortcuts from the menu bar and use the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box.

Dragging and dropping text

To move text, simply select it, drag it to its new location, and drop it. To copy text, press the Ctrl key while you drag and drop the text.