Regenerating library entries

Occasionally you may need to update library entries. For example:

  • When a PowerBuilder developer modifies a form style using a window in imstyletradition190.pbl or imstylecontemp190.pbl, the developer is modifying an ancestor object and you should regenerate forms (the descendants) so that they pick up the revisions to their ancestor.

  • When you make extensive changes to objects, you can rebuild entire libraries so that objects are regenerated sequentially based on interdependence.

  • When you upgrade to a new version of InfoMaker, you need to migrate your objects.

When you regenerate an entry, InfoMaker recompiles the source form stored in the library and replaces the existing compiled form with the recompiled form.

To regenerate library entries:

  1. Select the entries you want to regenerate.

  2. Click the Regen button, or select Entry>Regenerate from the menu bar.

    InfoMaker uses the source to regenerate the library entry and replaces the current compiled object with the regenerated object. The compilation date and size are updated.

Rebuilding libraries

When you make modifications to objects and need to update one or more libraries, you should use the Rebuild option to update all the library objects in the correct sequence.

There are two methods to use when you rebuild an application:

  • Incremental rebuild updates all the objects and libraries referenced by any objects that have been changed.

  • Full rebuild updates all the objects and libraries.

To rebuild libraries:

  1. Select the libraries you want to rebuild.

  2. Depending on your needs, choose either Design>Incremental Build or Design>Full Build from the menu bar.

Migrating libraries

When you upgrade to a new version of InfoMaker, your existing libraries need to be migrated to the new version.

Make sure PBLs are writable

If you make copies of your libraries before you migrate to a new version of InfoMaker, make sure that the libraries you will migrate are writable.

Your libraries must be migrated one at a time since a library must be the current library for you to migrate it.

To migrate libraries:

  1. Select the current library and then select Design>Migrate.

    The Migrate Application dialog box displays.

  2. Click OK.

    InfoMaker migrates all objects in the library to the current version.