Installing the executable application and supporting files

When you install your application on a user's machine, make sure you include any supporting files, such as dynamic libraries, resources such as BMP and ICO files, online Help files, and initialization files.

Modifying the application's initialization file

In your application's initialization file, remove your name from the line that reads:


An InfoMaker application's initialization file specifies the data source that is used by the reports and forms that were included in the application.

When InfoMaker generated the initialization file, it included your User ID. When users run your application, they will be prompted to supply their user ID and password if:

  • Your data source is not an ODBC data source

  • Your data source is an ODBC data source and the user ID and password are not in the application's initialization file

Deploying ActiveX controls

If your application uses ActiveX controls, OLE controls, or OCX controls you must:

  • Deploy the control files with your application

  • Make sure each control is registered

  • Make sure required files are in the target computer's system directory

If your application uses a control that is not self-registering, your setup program needs to register it manually on each user's computer. To find out whether a control is self-registering, see the documentation provided with the control. Depending on the development and deployment platforms and the controls you are deploying, you might need to copy additional DLLs or license files to the Windows system directories on the target computer.