About InfoMaker libraries and special files

InfoMaker uses libraries and special files.

PBL files (PowerBuilder libraries)

PBL files are the libraries you work with in InfoMaker. In the Library painter, you manage the objects in these libraries. In other painters, you create and access objects stored in PBLs.

When you open the Library painter the first time

When you open the Library painter, the Library painter has your computer as the root. You can set the Library painter to display objects in the current library, tutor_im.pbl. This is the default InfoMaker library that contains sample objects based on the PB Demo DB. 

Many examples shown in this book are in tutor_im.pbl for your convenience. You can open the objects, look at their design, and use them.

Two libraries are installed in the InfoMaker 2019 R2 directory when you install InfoMaker: imstyletradition190.pbl and imstylecontemp190.pbl. These libraries are used as templates to create new objects in InfoMaker and should not be opened and edited. Do not set one of these libraries as your current library. If you do, its name will not display in the Library pane in the Open, Run, and Save dialog boxes. You must open another existing library or create a new one to work in InfoMaker.

PSR files (Powersoft report files)

PSR files contain reports. Each PSR file contains a report definition (source and object) as well as the data contained in the report when the PSR file was created.