Reusing an application

When you initiate the creation of an application, InfoMaker checks to see whether an application was previously created using the current library. If so, InfoMaker retains the specifications for the most recent one. You can start afresh or reuse the most recent application.

To reuse the most recent application associated with a library:

  1. Connect to the database, open the library, and select Design>Create Executable from the menu bar.

    If an application has been created previously for the current library, InfoMaker displays the following dialog box:

  2. Select Yes or No:

    If you want to

    Do this

    InfoMaker does this

    Start from scratch

    Click No

    Includes the new selections you make in a new application

    Use or start with the objects in the most recent application

    Click Yes

    Includes the reports, forms, and pipelines you selected with your most recent application along with all the toolbar properties you defined for them

When you click Yes, the Create Executable dialog box displays with your most recent application's title, file name, and icon. You can modify the entries if you want, and continue to define the application.