Enhancing Reports

About this chapter

After InfoMaker generates a basic report, you can further enhance its appearance and content. You do that in the Report painter. This chapter describes basic enhancements you can make to a report.

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Other ways to enhance reports are covered in later chapters:


Explains how to

Working with Controls in Reports

Add controls to a report and reorganize, position, and rotate them

Displaying and Validating Data

Specify display formats, edit styles, and validation rules for column data

Filtering, Sorting, and Grouping Rows

Limit which rows are displayed, the order in which they are displayed, and whether they are divided into groups

Highlighting Information in Reports and Forms

Highlight data by using conditional expressions to modify the properties of controls in reports

Using Nested Reports

Place reports inside reports

Working with Graphs

Use graphs to visually present information retrieved in a report

Working with Crosstabs

Use crosstabs to present analyses of data retrieved in a report

Working with TreeViews

Use TreeViews to group data and display it hierarchically in a way that allows you to expand and collapse it

Controlling Updates in Forms

Control update capabilities