Changing fonts

The following table summarizes the various ways you can change the fonts used in InfoMaker.

For this object or painter

Do this

A table's data, headings, and labels

In the Database painter, display the table's property page, and change the font properties on the Data, Heading, and Label Font tabs.

Objects in the Form and Report painters

Select objects and then modify settings in the StyleBar, or, in the Properties view for one or more objects, change the font properties on the Font tab.

Library painter and MicroHelp

Select Tools>System Options from the menu bar and change the font properties on the System or Printer Font tab.

Interactive SQL view in the Database painter and the file editor (changes made for one of these apply to both)

Select Design>Options from the menu bar to display the editor's property page and change the font properties on the Editor or Printer Font tab.

Use the Printer font tab to set fonts specifically for printing. If you need to print multilanguage characters, make sure you use a font that is installed on your printer. Changes you make in the Tools>System Options dialog box and from the Design>Options menu selection are used the next time you open InfoMaker.