The InfoMaker Environment

This part introduces you to InfoMaker and describes how to work in and manage its environment. It also describes how to work with databases, tables, views, and extended attributes.

Access to the Database painter

To have access to the Database painter, install InfoMaker's database component.

Table of Contents

Working with InfoMaker
About InfoMaker
What you can do using InfoMaker
Data pipelines
Database management
The InfoMaker environment
About the PowerBar
About wizards
Working with libraries
Setting the current library
Working with objects
Creating new objects
Opening existing objects
Running or previewing objects
Working in painters
Opening painters
Painter summary
Using views in painters
Using pop-up menus
Defining colors
Working with tools
Using property pages
Using toolbars
Toolbar basics
Drop-down toolbars
Controlling the display of toolbars
Moving toolbars using the mouse
Customizing toolbars
Creating new toolbars
Using report wizards
Using the To-Do List
Using online Help
Customizing keyboard shortcuts
Using the file editor
Setting file editing properties
Editing activities
Changing fonts
Accessing shared queries stored on a network
Defining libraries for user-defined form styles
Using the Query Governor
Accessing the Query Governor
Using the Query Governor
How your InfoMaker environment is managed
About the registry
About the initialization file
Starting InfoMaker from the command line
Working with Libraries
About libraries
About InfoMaker libraries and special files
Creating new libraries
About the Library painter
Working with libraries
Displaying libraries and objects
Using the pop-up menu
Controlling columns that display in the List view
Selecting objects
Filtering the display of objects
Filtering the display of libraries and folders
Working in the current library
Changing the current library
Opening and previewing objects
Copying, moving, and deleting objects
Setting the root
Moving back, forward, and up one level
Modifying comments
Deleting libraries
Optimizing libraries
Regenerating library entries
Rebuilding libraries
Migrating libraries
Creating a library directory report