Choosing report-wide options

You can set the default options, such as colors and borders, that InfoMaker uses in creating the initial draft of a report.

Report generation options are for styles that use a layout made up of bands, which include Freeform, Grid, Label, N-Up, Tabular, Group, TreeView, and Crosstab. InfoMaker maintains a separate set of options for each of these styles.

When you first create any of these style reports, you can choose options in the wizard and save your choices as the future defaults for the style.

To specify default colors and borders for a style:

  1. Select Design>Options from the menu bar.

    The Report Options dialog box displays.

  2. Select the Generation tab page if it is not on top.

  3. Select the presentation style you want from the Presentation Style drop-down list.

    The values for properties shown on the page are for the currently selected presentation style.

  4. Change one or more of the following properties:


    Meaning for the report

    Background color

    The default color for the background.

    Text border and color

    The default border and color used for labels and headings.

    Column border and color

    The default border and color used for data values.

    Wrap Height (Freeform only)

    The height of the detail band.

    When the value is None, the number of columns selected determines the height of the detail band. The columns display in a single vertical line.

    When the value is set to a number, the detail band height is set to the number specified and columns wrap within the detail band.

  5. Click OK.

About color selections

If you select Window Background, Application Workspace, Button Face, or Window Text from the Color drop-down list, the report uses the colors specified in the Windows Control Panel on the computer on which the report is running.

Your choices are saved

InfoMaker saves your generation option choices as the defaults to use when creating a report with the same presentation style.