Converts the value of a string to a decimal.


Dec ( string )




The string you want returned as a decimal

Return value

Decimal. Returns the contents of string as a decimal if it succeeds and 0 if string is not a number.


The decimal datatype supports up to 28 digits.

You can also append the letter D in upper or lowercase to identify a number as a decimal constant in InfoMaker expressions. For example, 2.0d and 123.456789012345678901D are treated as decimals.


This expression returns the string 24.3 as a decimal datatype:


This expression for a computed field returns "Not a valid score" if the string in the score column does not contain a number. The expression checks whether the Dec function returns 0, which means it failed to convert the value:

If ( Dec(score) <> 0, score, "Not a valid score")

This expression returns 0:

Dec("3ABC")    // 3ABC is not a number

This validation rule checks that the value in the column the user entered is greater than 1999.99:

Dec(GetText()) > 1999.99

This validation rule for the column named score insures that score contains a string:

Dec(score) <> 0

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