Accessing shared queries stored on a network

Your company may store a library (a PBL file) of queries on a network. Having a query library is a convenient way to make carefully developed and well-tested queries that go against corporate data available to everyone.

If you want to access a query library on a network, you must identify it as a source of queries. Then when you create a new report, form, or pipeline, and specify Query as your data source, InfoMaker includes the queries from the query library in your list of available queries.

To identify a query library as a source of queries:

  1. Click the Library List button in the PowerBar and then select the Query tab.

  2. Enter one or more library search paths in the Library Search Path box, or click Browse to select a library search path and then click Open to add the library to the Library Search Path box.

  3. Click OK.

    InfoMaker sets the library search path for queries. This means that when you start creating a new report, form, or pipeline, and choose Query as the data source, your list of available queries includes all queries in all the libraries in your search path as established in this process.