About libraries

InfoMaker uses libraries to hold objects. A library is a file with the file extension PBL (pronounced pibble):


In InfoMaker, you use the Library painter to work with the objects and libraries you create. 

What you can do in the Library painter

The Library painter workspace displays objects in all libraries on your computer, but you can set the Library painter to display only objects in the current library. In the Library painter, you can:

  • Open objects in the current library to edit them in the appropriate painters

  • Copy, move, and delete objects in any library

  • Optimize libraries

  • Migrate, rebuild, and regenerate libraries

  • Bundle reports, forms, and pipelines in an application that you and others can use

For information about creating an application, see Working with Applications

What you cannot do in the Library painter

You cannot create a library or rename a library in the Library painter. For information about creating a library, see Creating new libraries.

You cannot create new reports, forms, queries, or pipelines in the Library painter.

You cannot open objects that are not in the current library.