ConnectToServer (obsolete)


Connects a client application to a server component. The client application must call ConnectToServer before it can use a remote object on the server.

This function applies to distributed applications only.

Obsolete function

ConnectToServer is obsolete, because EAServer is no longer supported since PowerBuilder 2017.

Applies to

Connection objects


connection.ConnectToServer ( )




The name of the Connection object you want to use to establish the connection. The Connection object has properties that specify how the connection will be established.

Return value

Long. Returns 0 if it succeeds and one of the following values if an error occurs:

50 -- Distributed service error

52 -- Distributed communications error

53 -- Requested server not active

54 -- Server not accepting requests

55 -- Request terminated abnormally

56 -- Response to request incomplete

57 -- Connection object not connected to server

62 -- Server busy

92 -- Required property is missing or invalid


Before calling ConnectToServer, you assign values to the properties of the Connection object.


In this example, the client application connects to a server application using the Connection object myconnect:

// Global variable:
// connection myconnect
long ll_rc
myconnect = create connection
myconnect.driver = "jaguar"
myconnect.location = "Jagserver1:2000"
myconnect.application = "PB_pkg_1"
myconnect.userID = "bjones"
myconnect.password = "mypass"
ll_rc = myconnect.ConnectToServer()
IF ll_rc <> 0 THEN
   MessageBox("Connection failed", ll_rc)

You can enclose the ConnectToServer function in a try-catch block to catch exceptions thrown during the attempt to connect. This example uses SSLServiceProvider and SSLCallBack objects to create a secure connection. An exception or other error in any of the SSLCallback functions raises the CTSSecurity::UserAbortedException. The error-handling code shown in the example displays a message box with the text of the error message, but your code should take additional appropriate action:

SSLServiceProvider   sp
// set QOP
getcontextservice( "SSLServiceProvider", sp )
sp.setglobalproperty( "QOP", "sybpks_simple" )
// set PB callback handler
sp.setglobalproperty( "CallbackImpl", &
   "uo_sslcallback_handler" )

// connect to the server
connection  cxn
cxn.userid   = "jagadmin"
cxn.password = "sybase"
cxn.driver   = "jaguar"
cxn.application = "dbgpkg"
cxn.options     = "ORBLogFile='d:\PBJagClient.Log'"
cxn.location = "iiops://localhost:9001"

   l_rc = cxn.ConnectToServer()
CATCH (userabortedexception uae)
   MessageBox("UserAbortedException Caught", &
      "ConnectToServer caught: " +  uae.getMessage() )
   l_rc = 999
CATCH ( CORBASystemException cse )
   MessageBox("CORBASystemException Caught", &
      "ConnectToServer caught: " +  cse.getMessage() )
   l_rc = 998
CATCH ( RuntimeError re )
   MessageBox("RuntimeError Exception Caught", &
      "ConnectToServer caught: " +  re.getMessage() )
   l_rc = 997
CATCH ( Exception ex )
   MessageBox("Exception Caught", &
      "ConnectToServer caught: " +  ex.getMessage() )
   l_rc = 996
IF l_rc <> 0 THEN
   MessageBox("Error", "Connection Failed - code: " &
      + string(l_rc) )
   MessageBox("Error Info", "ErrorCode= " + &
      string(cxn.ErrCode) + "~nErrText= " + &
   MessageBox("OK", "Connection Established")

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