Indicates whether the direct caller of a COM object running on COM+ is in a specified role (either individually or as part of a group).

Applies to

TransactionServer objects


transactionserver.IsCallerInRole ( role )




Reference to the TransactionServer service instance


A string expression containing the name of a role

Return value


Returns true if the direct caller is in the specified role and false if it is not.


In COM+, a role is a name that represents the set of access permissions for a specific user or group of users. For example, a component that provides access to a sales database might have different roles for managers and salespersons.

In your code, you use IsCallerInRole to determine whether the caller of the current method is associated with a specific role before you execute code that performs a task restricted to users in that role.

IsCallerInRole only determines whether the direct caller of the current method is in the specified role. The direct caller may be either a client process or a server process.

Package must run in a dedicated server process

To support role-checking, the COM+ package must be activated as a Server package, not a Library package. Server packages run in a dedicated server process. Library packages run in the creator's process and are used primarily for debugging.

IsCallerInRole only returns a meaningful value when security checking is enabled. Security checking can be enabled in the COM/COM+ Project wizard or the Project painter


The following example shows a call to a function (f_checkrole) that takes the name of a role as an argument and returns an integer. In this example only managers can place orders with a value over $20,000:

integer rc
long ordervalue
IF ordervalue > 20,000 THEN
    rc = f_checkrole("Manager")
    IF rc <> 1
    // handle negative values and exit
    // continue processing
    END IF 

The f_checkrole function checks whether a component is running on COM+ and if security checking is enabled. Then it checks whether the direct caller is in the role passed in as an argument. If any of the checks fail, the function returns a negative value:

TransactionServer ts
integer li_rc
string str_role 
li_rc = GetContextService( "TransactionServer", ts)
// handle error if necessary
// Find out if running on COM+
IF ts.which() <> 2 THEN RETURN -1
// Find out if security is enabled
IF NOT ts.IsSecurityEnabled() THEN RETURN -2
// Find out if the caller is in the role
IF NOT ts.IsCallerInRole(str_role) THEN
    RETURN -3
    RETURN 1

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