Determines whether an item in a ListBox control is highlighted.

Applies to

ListBox and PictureListBox controls


listboxname.State ( index )




The name of the ListBox or PictureListBox in which you want to obtain the state (highlighted or not highlighted) of the item identified by index


The number of the item for which you want to obtain the state

Return value


Returns 1 if the item in listboxname identified by index is highlighted and 0 if it is not. If the index does not point to a valid item number, State returns -1. If any argument's value is null, State returns null.


The State and SetState functions are meant for a ListBox that allows multiple selections (its MultiSelect property is true). To find all of a list's selected items, loop through the list, checking the state of each item.

The SelectedItem and SelectItem functions are meant for single-selection ListBox controls. SelectedItem reports the selection directly with no need for looping. In a multiple-selection ListBox control, SelectedItem reports the first selected item only.

When you know the index of an item, you can use the Text function to get the item's text.


If item 3 in lb_Contact is selected (highlighted), then this example sets li_Item to 1:

integer li_Item
li_Item = lb_Contact.State(3)

The following statements obtain the text of all the selected items in a ListBox that allows the user to select more than one item. The MessageBox function displays each item as it is found. You could include other processing that created an array or list of the selected values:

integer li_ItemTotal, li_ItemCount
// Get the number of items in the ListBox.
li_ItemTotal = lb_contact.TotalItems( )
// Loop through all the items.
FOR li_ItemCount = 1 to li_ItemTotal
   // Is the item selected? If so, display the text
   IF lb_Contact.State(li_ItemCount) = 1 THEN &
   MessageBox("Selected Item", &

This statement executes some statements if item 3 in the ListBox lb_Contact is highlighted:

IF lb_Contact.State(3) = 1 THEN ...

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