Determines the year of a date value.


Year ( date )




The date from which you want the year

Return value


Returns an integer whose value is a 4-digit year adapted from the year portion of date if it succeeds and 1900 if an error occurs. If date is null, Year returns null.

When you convert a string that has a two-digit year to a date, then PowerBuilder chooses the century, as follows. If the year is between 00 to 49, PowerBuilder assumes 20 as the first two digits; if it is between 50 and 99, PowerBuilder assumes 19.


PowerBuilder handles years from 1000 to 3000 inclusive.

If your data includes date before 1950, such as birth dates, always specify a 4-digit year so that Year and other PowerBuilder functions, such as Sort, interpret the date as intended.

Windows settings

To make sure you get correct return values for the year, you must verify that yyyy is the Short Date Style for year in the Regional Settings of the user's Control Panel. Your program can check this with the RegistryGet function.

If the setting is not correct, you can ask the user to change it manually or have the application change it (by calling the RegistrySet function). The user may need to reboot after the setting is changed.


This statement returns 2005:


See also



Year method for DataWindows in the section called “Year” in DataWindow Reference.