Opens a sheet in a tab group within an MDI frame window for dockable windows.

Applies to

Window objects


OpenSheetInTabGroup ( sheetrefvar {, windowtype }, siblingname, sheetname )




The name of any window variable that is not an MDI frame window. OpenSheetInTabGroup places a reference to the open sheet in sheetrefvar.

windowtype (optional)

A string whose value is the datatype of the window you want to open. The datatype of windowtype must be the same or a descendant of sheetrefvar.


The name of a sibling window in either a docked state or in a non-document tab group. The sheet opens in that tab group.


A unique string identifier for the sheet, which is used when layout is persisted.

Return value


Returns 1 if it succeeds and -1 if an error occurs. If any argument's value is null, OpenSheetInTabGroup returns null. In some cases, such as if the windowtype argument is invalid, OpenSheetInTabGroup throws a runtime error and does not return a value; therefore, it is recommended that you both test the return value and wrap the function call in a try-catch block.


The first sheet opened in a main window cannot be opened using OpenSheetInTabGroup or OpenSheetWithParmInTabGroup. To create a tab group, open the first sheet as a docked sheet and then use that sheet as the siblingname argument.