Converts a number into a Byte datatype or obtains a Byte value stored in a blob.


Byte ( stringorblob )




A String or any numeric datatype that you want to return as a Byte, or a Blob datatype in which the initial value is the Byte value that you want to return. The stringorblob variable can also have an Any datatype as long as it references a string, integer, uint, long, longlong, or blob.

Return value


Returns the value of the stringorblob variable as a Byte datatype if it succeeds; it returns 0 if the stringorblob variable is not a valid PowerScript number or if it has an incompatible datatype. If stringorblob is null, Byte returns null.


If the number you convert exceeds the upper range of the Byte datatype (>255), the Byte method returns the difference between the number you pass in the stringorblob argument and the nearest multiple of 256 below that number.

If you pass a blob in the stringorblob argument, only the value of the initial character is converted to a byte value. (There is no "overflow" when you use a blob argument.) To get the byte value for a character at a different position in the blob, you can use the GetByte method.


This example converts a string entered in a SingleLineEdit control to a byte value:

Byte ly_byte
ly_byte = Byte(sle_1.text)

If the text entered in the SingleLineEdit is 4, the byte value of ly_byte is 4. If the text entered is 257, the value of ly_byte is 1. For 256 or text such as "ABC12", the value of ly_byte is 0.

This example returns the ASCII value of the initial character that you enter in a SingleLineEdit control:

Byte lb_byte
Blob myBlob
myBlob = Blob(sle_1.text)
lb_byte = Byte(myBlob)

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