GetGlobalProperty (obsolete)


Returns the value of an SSL global property. This function is used by PowerBuilder clients connecting to EAServer.

Obsolete function

GetGlobalProperty is obsolete, because EAServer is no longer supported since PowerBuilder 2017.

Applies to

SSLServiceProvider object


sslserviceprovider.GetGlobalProperty ( property,  values)




Reference to the SSLServiceProvider service instance.


The name of the SSL property for which you want to return values.

For a complete list of supported SSL properties, see your EAServer documentation for the Connection object.


An array of string values for the specified SSL property.

Return value


Returns one of the following values:

0 -- Success

-1 -- Unknown property

-3 -- Property has no value

-10 -- An EAServer or SSL failure has occurred

-11 -- Bad argument list


The GetGlobalProperty function allows PowerBuilder clients that connect to EAServer through SSL to access global SSL properties.

Any properties set using the SSLServiceProvider interface are global to all connections made by the client to all EAServer servers. You can override any of the global settings at the connection level by specifying them as options to the Connection object.

Only clients can get and set SSL properties. Server components do not have permission to use the SSLServiceProvider service.


The following example shows the use of the GetGlobalProperty function to get the value of the sessLingerTime property:

SSLServiceProvider ssl
string ls_values[]
long rc
this.GetContextService("SSLServiceProvider", ssl)
rc = ssl.GetGlobalProperty("sessLingerTime", ls_values)

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