DraggedObject (obsolete)


Returns a reference to the control that triggered a drag event.

Obsolete function

You no longer need to call the DraggedObject function in a drag event. Use the event's source argument instead.


DraggedObject ( )

Return value

DragObject, a special datatype that includes all draggable controls (all the controls but no drawing objects). Returns a reference to the control that is currently being dragged.

No control

If no control is being dragged, an execution error message is displayed.


Call DraggedObject in a drag event for the target object. The drag events are DragDrop, DragEnter, DragLeave, and DragWithin. Use TypeOf to obtain the datatype of the control. To access the properties of the control, you can assign the DragObject reference to a variable of that control's datatype (see the example).


These statements set which_control equal to the datatype of the control that is currently being dragged, and then set ls_text_value to the text property of the dragged control:

SingleLineEdit sle_which
CommandButton cb_which
string ls_text_value
DragObject which_control
which_control = DraggedObject()
CHOOSE CASE TypeOf(which_control)
CASE CommandButton!
    cb_which = which_control
    ls_text_value = cb_which.Text
CASE SingleLineEdit!
    sle_which = which_control
    ls_text_value = sle_which.Text

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