Adds a bitmap, icon, or cursor to the small image list.

Applies to

ListView controls


listviewname.AddSmallPicture ( picturename )




The name of the ListView control to which you are adding a small image


The name of the bitmap, icon, or cursor you are adding to the ListView control small image list

Return value


Returns the picture index if it succeeds and -1 if an error occurs.


When you add a small picture to a ListView control, it is given the next available picture index in the ListView. For example, if your ListView has two pictures, the next picture you add will have index number 3.

Before you add small pictures, you can specify scaling for the pictures by setting the SmallPictureWidth and SmallPictureHeight properties. The dimensions in effect when you add the first picture determine the scaling for all pictures. Changing the property values after you add pictures has no effect.

If you do not specify values for SmallPictureWidth and SmallPictureHeight before you add pictures, the dimensions of the first image determine the scaling for all pictures you add.

Before you call AddSmallPicture, specify the color in the bitmap that will be transparent by setting the SmallPictureMaskColor property. You can change the SmallPictureMaskColor property between calls.


This example adds the file "shortcut.ico" to the small picture index of the ListView lv_files:

//Add small picture
integer index
index = lv_files.AddSmallPicture("shortcut.ico")

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