You can use comments to document your scripts and prevent statements within a script from executing. There are two methods.


Double-slash method

Code // Comment

Slash-and-asterisk method

/*      Comment       */


The following table shows how to use each method.



Can use to


Double slash


Designate all text on the line to the right of the marker as a comment

Cannot extend to multiple lines

Slash and asterisk


Designate the text between the markers as a comment

Nest comments

  • Can extend over multiple lines (multiline comments do not require a continuation character)

  • Can be nested

Adding comment markers

In Script views and the Function painter, you can use the Comment Selection button (or select Edit>Comment Selection from the menu bar) to comment out the line containing the cursor or a selected group of lines.

For information about adding comments to objects and library entries, see the the section called “Modifying comments” in Users Guide.


Double-slash method

// This entire line is a comment.
// This entire line is another comment.
amt = qty * cost // Rest of the line is comment.

// The following statement was commented out so that it
// would not execute.
// SetNull(amt)

Slash-and-asterisk method

/* This is a single-line comment.   */

/* This comment starts here,
continues to this line,
and finally ends here. */
A = B + C  /*  This comment starts here. 
/*  This is the start of a nested comment.
    The nested comment ends here.  */ 
The first comment ends here.  */ + D + E + F