Triggers the specified user event in the child window contained in a PowerBuilder window ActiveX control.

Applies to

Window ActiveX controls


activexcontrol.TriggerPBEvent ( name {, numarguments {, arguments } } )




Identifier for the instance of the PowerBuilder window ActiveX control. When used in HTML, this is the NAME attribute of the object element. When used in other environments, this references the control that contains the PowerBuilder window ActiveX.


String specifying the name of the user event. This argument is passed by reference.

numarguments (optional)

Integer specifying the number of elements in the arguments array. The default is zero.

arguments (optional)

Variant array containing event arguments. In PowerBuilder, Variant maps to the Any datatype. This argument is passed by reference.

If you specify this argument, you must also specify numarguments. If you do not specify this argument and the function contains arguments, populate the argument list by calling the SetArgElement function once for each argument.

JavaScript cannot use this argument.

Return value


Returns 1 if the function succeeds and -1 if an error occurs.


Call this function to trigger a user event in the child window contained in a PowerBuilder window ActiveX control.

To check the PowerBuilder function's return value, call the GetLastReturn function.

JavaScript cannot use the arguments argument.


This JavaScript example calls the TriggerPBEvent function:

function triggerEvent(f) {
      var retcd;
      var rc;
      var numargs;
      var theEvent;
      var theArg;
      retcd = 0;
      numargs = 1;
      theArg = f.textToPB.value;
      PBRX1.SetArgElement(1, theArg);
      theEvent = "ue_args";
      retcd = PBRX1.TriggerPBEvent(theEvent, numargs);
      rc = parseInt(PBRX1.GetLastReturn());
      if (rc != 1) {
      alert("Error. Empty string.");

This VBScript example calls the TriggerPBEvent function:

Sub TrigEvent_OnClick()
      Dim retcd
      Dim myForm
      Dim args(1)
      Dim rc
      Dim numargs
      Dim theEvent
      retcd = 0
      numargs = 1
      rc = 0
      theEvent = "ue_args"
      Set myForm = Document.buttonForm
      args(0) = buttonForm.textToPB.value
      retcd = PBRX1.TriggerPBEvent(theEvent, & 
      numargs, args)
      rc = PBRX1.GetLastReturn()
      if rc <> 1 then
      msgbox "Error. Empty string."
      end if
end sub

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