SuspendTransaction (obsolete)


Suspends the EAServer transaction associated with the calling thread.

Obsolete function

SuspendTransaction is obsolete, because EAServer is no longer supported since PowerBuilder 2017.

Applies to

CORBACurrent objects


CORBACurrent.SuspendTransaction (  )




Reference to the CORBACurrent service instance

Return value

Unsigned long.

Returns a handle that refers to the transaction associated with the thread or 0 if an error occurs.


The SuspendTransaction function returns a handle referring to the transaction associated with the calling thread. This handle can be passed to the ResumeTransaction function on the same or a different thread. When SuspendTransaction is called, the current thread is no longer associated with a transaction.

SuspendTransaction can be called by a client or a component that is marked as OTS style. It must be using the two-phase commit transaction coordinator (OTS/XA).


This example shows the use of the SuspendTransaction function to disassociate the calling thread from the current transaction:

// Instance variable:
// CORBACurrent corbcurr
integer li_rc
unsignedlong ll_handle

// Get and initialize an instance of CORBACurrent
li_rc = corbcurr.BeginTransaction()
// do some transactional work
ll_handle = corbcurr.SuspendTransaction()
// do some nontransactional work
li_rc = corbcurr.ResumeTransaction(ll_handle)
// do some more transactional work
li_rc = corbcurr.CommitTransaction()

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