Specifies the text to be displayed in the MicroHelp box in an MDI frame window.

Applies to

MDI frame windows


windowname.SetMicroHelp ( string )




The name of the MDI frame window with MicroHelp for which you want to set the MicroHelp text


A string whose value is the new MicroHelp text

Return value


Returns 1 if it succeeds and -1 if an error occurs. If any argument's value is null, SetMicroHelp returns null.


The Tag property of a control is a useful place to store MicroHelp text. When the control gets the focus, you can use SetMicroHelp in the GetFocus event script to display the Tag property's text in the MicroHelp box on the window frame.

For menus, PowerBuilder automatically displays the MicroHelp text you have specified in the Menu painter when the user selects the menu item. You can use SetMicroHelp in the script for a menu item's Selected event to override the predefined MicroHelp and display some other text in the MicroHelp box. SetMicroHelp does not change the predefined MicroHelp text.


This statement changes the MicroHelp displayed in the frame of W_New to Delete selected text:

W_New.SetMicroHelp("Delete selected text")

In this example, the string Close the Window is a tag value associated with the CommandButton cb_done in W_New. In the script for the GetFocus event in cb_done, this statement displays Close the Window as MicroHelp in W_New when cb_done gets focus: