Designates a font to be used for text printed with the Print function. You specify the font by number. Use PrintDefineFont to associate a font number with the desired font, a size, and a set of properties.


PrintSetFont ( printjobnumber, fontnumber )




The number the PrintOpen function assigned to the print job


The number (1 to 8) of a font defined for the job in PrintDefineFont or 0 (the default font for the printer)

Return value

Integer. Returns the character height of the current font if it succeeds and -1 if an error occurs. If any argument's value is null, PrintSetFont returns null.


This example starts a new print job and specifies that font number 2 is Courier, 18 point, bold, default pitch, in modern font, with no italic or underline. The PrintSetFont statement sets the current font to font 2. Then the Print statement prints the company name:

long Job
// Start a new print job and a new page.
Job = PrintOpen()
// Define the font for Job.
PrintDefineFont(Job, 2, "Courier 10Cps", &
   250, 700, Default!, Modern!, FALSE, FALSE)
// Set the font for Job.
PrintSetFont(Job, 2)
// Print the company name in the specified font.
Print(Job,"Appeon Corporation")

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