Need more help?

If you could not find a solution for your problem, it could be because it is a new problem or an intricate problem that happens only under specific circumstance or environment. In both cases, it is highly recommended that you follow steps below to generate and send the log file to us for investigation.

Step 1: Go to the Appeon folder in the installation package, open the Product.ini file in the text editor, find the RecordDllLog parameter in this file and set the value to 1 (this will enable the logging functionality), by default the value is 0 (which disables logging).

For example:


Step 2: Run the installation package and reproduce the installation error.

Step 3: Go to …\System32\AppeonInstallLog (or …\SystemWOW64\AppeonInstallLog\ in 64-bit machine) and find the log files there.

Each PowerServer component will have a separate log file, for example, AppeonADT[xxxx].txt for PowerServer Toolkit, AppeonDNS[xxxx].txt for PowerServer.