Unable to retrieve data from database

No data is retrieved into the DataWindow when running the Web application.

Cause A: If you are using the SAP SQL Anywhere database, a possible reason is that the SAP SQL Anywhere version specified in the Transaction object is different from what is specified in the data source. The application cannot find DataWindow objects and fails to retrieve any data from the database.

Solution A: For SAP SQL Anywhere, version 7.xx, 8.xx, and 9.xx are supported. Appeon 6.x supports both dynamically mapping the Transaction object to the data source in scripts, and statically specifying the data source in AEM. The user has to set the correct SAP SQL Anywhere version in DBParm or select the correct SAP SQL Anywhere version in AEM.

Cause B: If you are using the ASE database and find the following information in the Appeon log, "Failed to retrieve datastore... Produced the following error: Select error: Stored procedure '...' may be run only in unchained transaction mode. The 'SET CHAINED OFF' command will cause the current session to use unchained transaction mode.", a likely cause is that the connection mode (chained or unchained) set up by the JDBC driver is not the same as the mode of the stored procedure (chained or unchained).

Solution B: You can modify the PowerBuilder source code using any of the following workarounds to fix the problem.

  • Execute "SET CHAINED OFF" before running stored procedures

  • Execute "connection.setAutoCommit(true)" before running stored procedures

  • Change the AutoCommit property to true before running each stored procedure

  • Use the "sp_procxmode <procname>, anymode" command to set the stored procedure to run in chained or unchained mode.

Cause C: There are various factors that may cause this problem. Some examples include: running an incompatible PowerBuilder version with PowerServer, data sources not running or incorrectly configured, and missing INI files.

Solution C: If the application uses an INI file, verify the INI file is added to the PowerServer Toolkit application profile before deployment. Add the necessary INI file and redeploy the application.