"Script Debugger Component Not Found" error

When clicking the PowerServer Debugger button on the PowerServer Toolkit toolbar, the "Script Debugger Component Not Found: 03513: Please install the Microsoft script debugger" error occurs.

Cause 1: PowerServer Debugger requires Microsoft script debugger to be installed, but no Microsoft script debugger is installed on the computer.

Solution: Verify that script debugger is installed. If you do not have any script debugger installed, choose an appropriate one at Microsoft Website.

Cause 2: Microsoft script debugger is installed however it is not correctly installed probably due to the limited permissions, and as a result, the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Script Debugger does not exist.

Solution: Right click the Microsoft script debugger installer and then choose Run as administrator from the popup menu to reinstall Microsoft script debugger. If this solution does not work, please try the following steps:

  1. Go to Internet options > Advanced tab in Internet Explorer, and click the Restore advanced settings button and then the Reset button.

  2. After reset the Internet Explorer settings, go to Internet options > Advanced tab and de-select the setting: Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer).