The AEM Web page cannot be displayed

Unable to access AEM's Web page.

Cause A: The URL for AEM is incorrect

Solution A: The URL format should be http://hostname:portnumber/AEM. Verify that the hostname is correct and that the portnumber is available.

Cause B: there are two possible causes for the problem:

The application server hosting AEM is not running correctly.

The applications.config file (at appeon\AEM\config under the PowerServer installation directory) has not been successfully loaded into the Internet Explorer browser (which usually happens the first time AEM is started).

Solution B: follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Step 1: Restart the application server.

Step 2: Verify that at least one of the PowerServer Web demo applications can run correctly.

Step 3: Launch AEM with Internet Explorer. If AEM is not loaded successfully, please click the Refresh button in the browser to load the applications.config file.