Web applications do not load in Internet Explorer

Web applications can be loaded and run properly previously. After being deployed with a newer Appeon version, the Web applications can no longer be loaded.

Cause: Previously loaded Web application files are cached in the browser, and prevent the browser from downloading the latest Web files.

Solution: (1) Manually delete the temporary Internet files: go to Tools | Internet Options, click the Delete Files button. (2) In the Temporary Internet Files Settings dialog, click the View Objects button, and clear all the objects in the popup folder, which should be \WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files.

An alternative solution is to check the "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed" option (under the Security section of the Advanced tab of Internet Options) to ensure that no cached files remain whenever Internet Explorer is restarted. But this is recommended for use only during the development stage. During development, it is best to have the latest Web application loaded in the browser to avoid any problems caused by cached files. When your Web application is ready for production deployment, this setting can be disabled (unchecked) so that the Web application can be cached at each Client PC for better scalability and Client-side performance.