PowerServer is dead when dynamically creating a DataWindow

When dynamically creating a DataWindow, the CPU usage in server reaches 100% and the server cannot respond unless it is restarted. The log file records nothing after the message: "[com.appeon.server.command.DynamicDWCommand (execute)] Begin to parse and syntax from sql-statement".

Cause: The Appeon stored procedure "sp_appeon_syntaxfromsql" has a parameter "tableColumnList" with a value of "varchar(4000)", which limits the total length of all columns to 4000 characters. If the total length exceeds this limit, the stored procedure will be trapped in an endless loop.


1) Open the "install_appeon_syntaxfromsql_XXX" file at %powerserver%\sql\dynamicsql, and locate the following lines of script:

  create procedure dbo.sp_appeon_syntaxfromsql(
  @tableColumnList varchar(4000),
  @tableList varchar(2000),
  @extraList varchar(40)='1' )

2) Set the "tableColumnList" parameter to a proper value, such as "varchar(8000)".