"Failed to get DataWindow syntax from PowerServer"

During Web application runtime the following error is displayed: "Failed to get DataWindow syntax from PowerServer".

Cause: Before application deployment, DB Type profile is not configured correctly in PowerServer Toolkit for the application profile.

Solution: Open the PowerServer Toolkit Configuration window, and go to the DB Type Profiles tab page in the "Application Profile Configuration". It is required that for each database type that the application runs against, a DB type profile should be configured.

Before you set up the DB type profile, be aware of the following:

1. The purpose of the DB type profile configuration is to convert the SQL statements into the correct type of database syntax.

2. Specify an ODBC data source or native driver in the DB Type profile for connecting the correct database type. It is unnecessary for the data source to connect to the actual database that the application uses. But the database type must be correct, and the specified version of the database is the same as the database version specified in AEM > Application > Transactions > Transaction Objects.

3. Make sure the DB type profile connection testing is successful.

Refer to the PowerServer Toolkit User Guide for instructions on configuring DB type profiles.

After the DB type profile configuration, re-deploy the application with the PowerServer Application Deployment Wizard using the Full Application Deployment mode.