Warning 61537

During Task 1 (Application Source Code Export), a warning message is displayed in the status box, "61537: Unable to get object [object name]'s PB source code...".

Check whether this object exists in the PBL of the PowerBuilder application. If the object does not exist, refer to Cause A and Solution A; if the object exists, refer to Solution B.

Cause A: This issue may occur if the object and any references to the object are not removed completely in the PowerBuilder application. When PowerServer Toolkit searches the object list, some references can still be found.

Solution A: Follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Step 1: Create an object with the same object name in the PBL where the object was removed.

Step 2 : Incrementally build the application.

Step 3: Delete the created object.

Step 4 : Try Application Deployment again.

Solution B: If for any other reason the issue still occurs, try the steps below.

Step 1: Export and import the object in PowerBuilder.

Step 2: Full build the application.

Step 3: Try Application Deployment again.