Format for color options changed (IM)

You can specify custom colors for each component of graphical table representations in the Database or SQL Select painter by selecting Design>Options>Object Colors. The colors you specify are saved in your PB.INI file in the [Database] section. The format in which these colors are stored changed in PowerBuilder 8 and later to support the increased number of Windows system colors and custom colors available for controls. For example, these are color definitions for lines representing keys in a PowerBuilder 7 PB.INI:

ForeignKeyLineColor=0 0 255 IndexKeyLineColor=255 0 0 PrimaryKeyLineColor=0 128 0

These are the corresponding entries in a PowerBuilder 8 or later PB.INI:

ForeignKeyLineColor=16711680 IndexKeyLineColor=255 PrimaryKeyLineColor=32768

If you plan to use your PowerBuilder 7 PB.INI file, or the [Database] section from it, with PowerBuilder 8 or later, you should first delete all the color settings in the [Database] section. If you do not, the colors used might make tables unreadable in PowerBuilder 8 or later. You can reset custom colors in the Object Colors page of the Database Preferences dialog box in PowerBuilder 8 or later.