Upgrading EAServer Targets

PowerBuilder .NET does not support EAServer targets.

Accessing EAServer Components from .NET Targets

PowerBuilder installs the EAServer dlls, com.sybase.iiop.net.dll and com.sybase.ejb.net.dll in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) on the development computer and requires these dlls on the runtime computer for applications that access EAServer components from .NET targets. Use the Runtime Packager to install these dlls in the GAC on the deployment computers.

NOTE: The dlls installed by the PowerBuilder setup program have been tested, and are compatible with EAServer 6.3.1. However, if you use an EAServer version other than 6.3.1, SAP recommends that you copy the (assembly) dlls from the EAServer/lib directory to the GAC of all computers where you deploy your applications. If you then run or re-run the Runtime Packager, you must also re-copy these (assembly) dlls to the GAC, because the Runtime Packager overwrites them.