PowerBuilder system types as variable names in proxies

In PowerBuilder 10.5 and later versions, system types cannot be used as variable names in Web service proxies. If a PowerBuilder system type is used as a variable name, the Web Service Proxy wizard renames the variable by applying the prefix ws_. If you are Upgrading Web service applications from PowerBuilder 10.2 or earlier and regenerating the Web service proxies in PowerBuilder 10.5 or later, your code may need to be modified to reflect the change in variable names.

PowerBuilder system types include not only the objects and controls listed on the System tab page in the PowerBuilder Browser, but also the enumerated types listed on the Enumerated page in the Browser, such as band, button, encoding, location, and weekday. For example, if you build a Web service from a PowerBuilder custom class user object, and one of its functions has a string argument named location, in the proxy generated for that Web service, the argument is changed to string ws_location.