Using masks with "as is" characters

You can define a mask that contains "as is" characters that always appear in the control or column. For example, you might define a numeric mask such as Rs0000.00 to represent Indian rupees in a currency column. In PowerBuilder 9.0.1 or later, you cannot enter a plus or minus sign to represent positive or negative numbers in a mask that contains "as is" characters. In previous releases, you could enter a plus or minus sign, but the resulting behavior was inconsistent in DataWindow columns.

The preferred method of creating a currency edit mask is to use the predefined [currency(7)] - International mask. You can change the number in parentheses, which is the number of characters in the mask including two decimal places. When you use this mask, PowerBuilder uses the currency symbol and format defined in the regional settings section of the Windows control panel. You can enter negative values in a column that uses a currency mask. [CR 309118]