Unicode changes (IM)

PowerBuilder 10 is Unicode enabled. The source code in PowerBuilder 10 PBLs is encoded in UTF-16LE. UTF-16LE is a Unicode encoding scheme that serializes a UTF-16 code unit sequence as a byte sequence in little-endian format, in which multiple-byte numerical values are stored with the least significant byte first. PBLs developed in earlier versions of PowerBuilder contain source code in ANSI or DBCS format. When you upgrade applications to PowerBuilder 10, each PBL is first upgraded to the new version of PowerBuilder, as in previous releases. Then PowerBuilder converts the source code from ANSI or DBCS to Unicode, performs a full build, and saves the source code back to the same file.

As a result of this change, some new functions have been added and there are changes in the syntax of file-related functions and external function calls. For more information about these changes, see the Unicode support section in the New Features topic in online Help and the section on Unicode in Application Techniques.