RichTextEdit control and RichText DataWindow changes (IM)

PowerBuilder 10.5 uses a new rich text editor to support the RichTextEdit control and the RichText DataWindow presentation style. The new editor brings a modern look and includes some new features, including the ability to name and use formatting styles. The new rich text editor supports a subset of the RTF specification version 1.6. Most of the properties and functions of rich text objects in previous versions of PowerBuilder continue to be supported by the new editor. When you import rich text objects from previous versions of PowerBuilder, any obsolete properties and functions are ignored.

There are some differences in behavior that may require you to make some changes in your applications. For example, when you upgrade applications created in older versions of PowerBuilder, the InputFieldsVisible property in RichTextEdit controls and in RichText DataWindow objects is automatically set to "false" in the upgraded applications. You must set this property to "true" to see data in the input fields. You must set this property and the InputFieldNamesVisible property to "true" to see text labels for the input fields in a rich text control.

For more information about changes, see the section on Rich text enhancements in the New Features in PowerBuilder 10.5 guide on the Sybase Product Manuals Web site.