Automatic changes made when you upgrade

When you upgrade an application from a previous release, the source code is converted to Unicode and the following changes to your source code are made automatically:

The clause ALIAS FOR functionname ;ansi is appended to external function declarations that return a string, char, or structure datatype or have a string, char, or structure value as an argument. This indicates that the arguments and/or return values should be treated as ANSI. If an ALIAS FOR clause is already present, only ;ansi is added. If ;ansi is not appended to the function name, strings are treated as Unicode.

The FromAnsi, FromUnicode, ToAnsi, and ToUnicode functions will be removed from a future version of PowerBuilder. The migration tool replaces them with the appropriate syntax of the Blob or String function.

No changes are made to the code if the PBL has already been upgraded to PowerBuilder 10.

In a DBCS environment, you can check the "Automatically convert DBCS string manipulation functions" check box on the Migrate Application dialog box to modify your code to comply with changes required for Unicode support. Do not check this box in an SBCS environment. If you check this box, the W suffix is removed from PowerScript string-manipulation functions such as LenW and RightTrimW, and an A suffix is added to the following PowerScript functions: Fill , Left, Len, Mid, Pos, Replace, and Right. The changes to string-manipulation functions described in the documentation also apply to DataWindow expression functions. However, the migration process does not modify DataWindow expression functions automatically.