RichTextEdit control and RichText DataWindow changes (IM)

PowerBuilder 2017 and later use a new rich text editor to support the RichTextEdit control and the RichText DataWindow presentation style. The new editor supports almost the same properties and functions of rich text objects in previous versions of PowerBuilder, except for a few differences. For example, for the new editor, the InputFieldBackColor property will not take effect until you save the data into a PDF file or print the data; which means, when you preview the UI in the design view or when you run the UI, you will always see the background color is gray, only when you save the data to a PDF file or print the data, you will see the background color is changed to what you set. For the new editor, the Wordwrap property is always true (even when it is set to false, it is treated as true). For more about the differences, see the What's New document in the PowerBuilder Help.

For the PowerBuilder developer, they have the option to use the new editor for free, or to continue using the old editor (the old editor needs to be purchased separately). For the InfoMaker developer, they can only use the new editor; they cannot use the old editor any more.

The new editor supports the RichTextEdit control, RichText DataWindow Object, and the RichText edit style column. The 2400 SP1, 2400 SP2, and 2400 SP3 of TX Text Control ActiveX X14 do not support the RichText edit style (You should use TX Text Control ActiveX X14 2400 for supporting all these three features).