Distributed PowerBuilder is not supported

PowerBuilder 7 was the last version of PowerBuilder that incorporated distributed PowerBuilder functionality. Sybase recommended the use of EAServer in place of distributed PowerBuilder for distributed and Web applications in PowerBuilder 7 and later.

The Transport object and its associated properties and methods are obsolete in PowerBuilder 8 and later and were removed from PowerBuilder 9. Additional properties and methods that were used for distributed PowerBuilder and are therefore obsolete include:

  • ConnectionBegin and ConnectionEnd events on the Application object

  • GetServerInfo, RemoteStopConnection, and RemoteStopListening functions on the Connection object

  • SetConnect function for proxy objects

  • ConnectString and Trace properties on the Connection object

  • ConnectionInfo structure

The JavaBeans Proxy and Web.PB generators were also used with distributed PowerBuilder applications and were removed from the New dialog box.