Upgrading components to EAServer 6.0.1 or later

Intercomponent calls from a PowerBuilder component running in EAServer 6.0.1 require proxies for all called components. With earlier versions of EAServer, a PowerBuilder component is sometimes able to call another PowerBuilder component running in the same server without the use of a proxy, because the PowerBuilder VM creates a proxy for the component dynamically using method names that match the names of the component's methods.

In EAServer 6.0.1 and later, PowerBuilder components are wrapped as EJBs, providing an extra layer of security and preventing the PowerBuilder VM from generating a proxy with names that match the component's method names dynamically. Therefore, you must create a proxy object for all components you invoke with intercomponent calls. Without a proxy object, the TransactionServer object cannot obtain the correct method names of the component you are calling.